• What if you could meet the greatest man who ever lived?

    Jesus Christ defined great manhood. He changed all of time by His life. He inspired loyalty and love from His friends. Women loved Him and men followed Him. You can meet Him. You can discover what made Him unique. You can encounter the love, grace, truth and beauty of the greatest man who ever lived.

    Starting January 1st. Come and meet Jesus again.

    Oakwood Church is a lively, friendly church but we do more than just Sunday services. Please look through the pages of our website, you will find out a little more about who we are and what we do. You can also find us on facebook. Click on the link tab to see our location on Google Maps.

    Pastor Josh Cordray moved to Taunton to lead Oakwood Church in August 2016.  He is married to Elspeth and they have five children together.  Their children are named John, Micah, Shoshana, Barnabas and Isaac.  Josh was previously the pastor of Maidstone International Community Church in Kent.  He has enjoyed ministry in the UK, the USA, Ghana, Switzerland and Hungary.  In particular, Josh has a passion for proclaiming the truth of the Christian faith to people of all ages.

    We meet at Oakwood Church Centre, Obridge Road, Taunton, TA2 7PU and would be delighted if you decided to visit us and hope that you will feel welcome and at home in one of our services. We really want you to enjoy your time with us. If you have any pressing needs or prayer requests, please get in touch by clicking the 'Contact Us' button.

    We look forward to meeting you.



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    Twice in Scripture God spoke into our darkness. In Genesis chapter one He said, ‘Let there be lights’ (v. 14). And in John chapter three Jesus declared, ‘Light [has] come into the world’ (v. 19). To...

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